The Barefoot Collective is a small group of Yoga teachers and body practitioners united by the passion and love for Yoga and other forms of body work. The Barefoot Collective emerged from the desire to establish and promote a sustained interest in the knowledge and practice of Yoga and to use Yoga as a platform to encourage a positive culture of mental and physical wellbeing.


We are the proud supporters of Whitstable Yoga Festival, a non-profit annual event aiming to put Yoga in the heart of Whitstable and Whitstable on the map of the global Yoga renascence.


The Barefoot collective wishes to reach people from all social backgrounds through Yoga events, regular classes and workshops, link in with the local community, support local businesses, promote Yoga in Whitstable and surrounding areas.


Through Yoga we also wish to support local causes and have in the past supported the Whitstable Calais Solidarity Campaign and a special needs school in Canterbury.

This year's organisers are: